Nature of IGUSA

Air purifying IGUSA naturally breathes and makes the air clean.

Humidity regulating

The core of Igusa consists of sponge-like fiber, which absorbs the moisture when the air is too humid and rehydrates it when it is too dry.

Mind sedating

The scent of Igusa has aromatherapic effects which can make you feel breathing in a forest and heal your tired body and mind.

How to use and maintain IGUSA products

Please enjoy the touch of Igusa with your shoes off because it is a delicate material. The sole of your shoes may damage the surface. Because Igusa is a natural material, its color pales gradually. Direct sunlight may make the color of Igusa pale faster.

If our Igusa products is slippery when put on the floor, a nonskid sheet available on the market will help.

Igusa has a lot of different colors, even if it is dyed with the same color. And you may find that
the color is not totally flat on one line of Igusa. It is because Igusa is a long needle-like plant and the bottom of it absorbs the dyes more than the top of it does. This natural tone of color adds more charms to Igusa products.

Tale off your shoes and feel relaxed with IGUSA.

Igusa is a long plant which Japanese Tatami mats are made from. We Japanese feel very relaxed with our shoes off, sitting on a Tatami mat to release our everyday stress. It has been invented and improved in Japan.

History of TATAMI

Tatami has been an inevitable item of Japanese houses because it matches our climate the best. Accordingly Japanese people liked this Igusa’s soft texture and began to use Tatami. A lot of Japanese culture were imported from China, but Tatami was created by ourselves. Igusa products of SOEJIMA Corp. have outstanding texture and excellent scent. Additionally they are moderately hygroscopic, which refreshes the air and our minds.